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Who is Childcare Extraordinaire LLC?

I received a call from one of my former employers wondering if I could help a friend of hers… her friend’s husband had just received notice he was being transferred out of the country.  Together the couple had to fly out of the country for five days to quickly hunt for a house.  The couple needed someone trustworthy on short notice to care for their children while they were away.  After speaking with this friend on the telephone it was agreed I would care for the children.  The first time I physically met with this couple was one-half hour before they left for the airport.

The above narrative is about me, Jacqueline (Jacqui) F. Kristy, Governess. I want my business, Childcare Extraordinaire LLC, to represent this same concept for all clientele – knowing that your children are safe and busy with activity, along with feeling confident you hired a company you can count on being there for you.

In 1987 I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Resources with a specialty in Child Development from Wayne State University. My studies included child development theory, observation of children, and creating teachable activities for children. Shortly after graduating I was hired by my first family in their private residence as a governess. During my long career as a private governess I have had families with children from newborn - 15 years.
Why is Childcare Extraordinaire LLC more than a babysitter?
By profession a governess is employed to teach children in their own private residence. Childcare Extraordinaire LLC utilizes a teaching style that helps create teachable moments in the children’s home environment through fun learing activities. 

The governess comes to your home with a few prepared learning activities created just for your children. The foundation for the activities is from the answers of the children’s likes and dislikes from the registration form. A “box of intrigue” will also be brought to your home. The contents of this box are used to expand activities by arousing your children’s curiosity to extend the learning even further. 

The following are some types of activities that are used in teachable moments:

  • arts, books, building, cooking, crafts, creating, designing, experiments, exploration, games, imagination, math, physical play, reading, safety, science, social skills, sports and writing

The governess also makes a point to teach children the importance of cleaning up after activities and helping one another in the home environment.

In additon to child care services, Childcare Extraordinaire LLC also offers mentoring to guide and advise individuals in the Child Development field seeking in-home care employment. You have the opportunity of permitting a protégée to work alongside Jacqui Kristy in your home at no extra charge.
Mission Statement:
~ Providing peace of mind for parents, enjoyment and activity for their children.
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