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Frequently Asked Questions - Childcare Extraordinaire LLC

What is your mission statement? The mission of Childcare Extraordinaire LLC is ~ Providing peace of mind for parents, enjoyment and activity for their children.

Why must you receive the completed registration form prior to governess’s arrival? This helps in the preparation to serve you and to identify common ground with your children before the first time slot.

Why do I have to buy a certificate? This is for Childcare Extraordinaire LLC to keep an accurate record to make the most of open time slots for all family clientele.

Can I buy more than one certificate at a time? Yes, you can.

Is there an expiration date for certificates? Yes, certificates are valid for two years from date of issue, except for those donated by Childcare Extraordinaire LLC.

Can I use a certificate more than once? No, all certificate numbers are unique. A new certificate(s) is needed each time when scheduling a time slot.

How do I receive my certificates? When you purchase via buy now page you will receive them as an attachment in an e-mail, by mail you have the option of e-mail or USPS snail-mail, or if you attend a Meet and Greet you will receive them in person.

My friends and I have four children between us; can we share one governess on the same 4 or 6 hour time slot at my home? Yes, as long as each child’s family is registered. Please be sure to notify Childcare Extraordinaire LLC you will be doing this beforehand with the full names of the children at least 48 hours before this time slot.

Can I schedule or reserve more than one time slot at a time? Yes, you may schedule or reserve up to three per phone call or e-mail. Remember - when scheduling (once confirmed) this is your set time slot, reservations will only be held for 48 hours from the time when the reservation was placed.

If I have to leave voice mail to schedule a time slot what is the best way to do this? Please speak clearly and leave your full name, date(s) & time(s) you want to schedule, contact phone number, and the certificate number(s) you will be using. You will receive a follow-up phone call within 24 hours to confirm your scheduled time slot.

If I have to leave voice mail for a reservation what is the best way to do this? Please speak clearly and leave your full name, date(s) & time(s) you want to reserve, and your contact phone number. You will receive a follow-up phone call notifying you of the status of the time slot you reserved.

When I schedule or reserve my time slot via e-mail will I receive confirmation? You will receive an e-mail confirmation regarding your scheduled time slot within 24 hours; if reserving a time slot you will be e-mailed the status of the time slot you reserved.

Can I schedule the governess in person? No, to be fair to all clientele, scheduling must be by a phone call or an e-mail.

What if I have a child with special needs? Childcare Extraordinaire LLC will care for children with special needs, but know the governess does not have training for children with special needs. Please share any information that is necessary to provide your child with equal care.

What days are excluded from service by Childcare Extraordinaire LLC? New Year’s Day, the 3 Days before Easter (Th, Fri, Sat), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and all Sundays*. Twelve days of personal time will be taken throughout the year at the governess’s discretion and will be noted on Month at a Glance calendars. *Except for Long Weekends in Extraordinary Hours.

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