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Policies - Childcare Extraordinaire LLC

Health Policy -  Prevention, Medication, Emergency

If just before your scheduled time you find any member of your family is suspected to have or has a confirmed case of a communicable disease, call 734-793-0963 to cancel. Service will not be able to be provided for that time slot and will be rescheduled with no charge at earliest convenience. Should the governess be in the same situation, your time slot will be rescheduled free of charge at earliest convenience.

If medication († and ‡) is to be given to a child by governess it needs to be in its original container with dosage.  The governess must have written authorization by a parent to dispense medication.  Your authorization will be kept by governess. Child shall take medication willingly.  † Prescription medication must also have the child’s name on the original container.  ‡ Governess cannot give any injections. 

If governess has to perform basic First Aid (such as cleaning a scraped knee) she will do so and make note on log.  If an injury/emergency needs further attention by medical personnel governess will call 911 for care and/or transportation of child by ambulance, then you by the contact number you left on daily log.  If you and your spouse object to medical treatment for an emergency for your children or child you shall provide a written statement that you assume responsibility for all emergency care.  You will be contacted to arrive home immediately if you take responsibility for this care.

Inclement Weather Policy -  When a severe weather bulletin has been issued to stay off the roads, you will be called prior to your scheduled time slot to find out if it is necessary to use this slot.  If you choose not to use your slot for that time it will be canceled with no charge and rescheduled at earliest convenience.

Cancellation Policy - For all other cancellations, a notice of at least 24 hours prior to scheduled time will be rescheduled free of charge at earliest convenience. Less than 24 hours prior will be rescheduled; however, a bill for $10.00 administration fee will be sent to you.  The above applies if the governess is in the same situation, if she fails to give you at least a 24 hour notice she will mail you a $10.00 check.

Discipline Policy -  When children need guidance to find appropriate behavior the governess may use any or all of the following techniques:
  • emphasize what they should be doing
  • hold children in lap until calm
  • redirect them to a more desirable behavior
  • have children sit in a time-out
  • have children lay in a safe place on the floor
Childcare Extraordinaire LLC does not physically punish children, verbally insult children or deprive food to children when discipline is necessary.

Food Consumption Policy - If the governess is at your home when it is meal or snack time for your children she is to be provided with the same food and/or drink.  Part of teaching children through their home environment is sitting together while sharing a family style meal or snack with conversation.

Surveillance Policy -  Childcare Extraordinaire LLC does not object to the use of nanny-cams aka surveillance video and/or audio recording while in your home.  Recordings shall only be in the common areas of your home.  There shall be no recordings in private areas, especially the bathroom.  Recordings are not to be posted in any form or any place for public viewing or listening without prior screening by and written permission from Childcare Extraordinaire LLC and the recorded individual(s).
See Terms of Service, page 2 of Registration Form, for additional information.
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