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Jacqui started working for us when my daughter was only three months old…she was so loving, gentle, and secure, within days, I was very much at ease. I was able to leave in the morning, (Jacqui was very reliable and prompt) and actually never look back!… There was always creativity in my daughter’s care, including outside activities in all seasons. Her professionalism is beyond measure. 
~  Roxanne, Farmington Hills MI

…truly amazed every day how smart, confident and wonderful our daughters are.  We owe so much of that to Jacqui… she has a kind and sweet spirit that has been instilled in our daughters through loving guidance.  Every day we were astounded by her ability to find something new and interesting amongst the ordinary.  This profession was truly made for her.  The gift she has with children has been evident each and every time she walked through our door. 
~  Chip and Karla, Northville MI

Jacqui has been outstanding with the care and safety with our children… time with our three children was always fun-filled and constructive… understood each child’s development stage and used appropriate activities to teach them.  We were very blessed to have had Jacqui as part of our family.
Toni, MI

Living next door to my grandson I have witnessed Jacqui’s relationship with him… very loving, professional… has performed a wide range of tasks with my grandson from making reading enjoyable to playing games and sports…  always was reliable with great integrity and appropriate discipline in performing her job.  As a college professor who has written many letters on behalf of students, seldom can I recommend a person so highly.
~  Alfred, Franklin MI

I worked with Jacqui in the Child Development Labs while we were students at Wayne State University… I do not know anyone who is more concerned about the development and well-being of a child than Jacqui.  She is comfortable working with children of all ages.  Her success at teaching children through play is amazing.
~  Marjorie, Seal Beach CA

Jacqui was a student and advisee of mine at Mercy High School.  She was also a personal caregiver for my three children.  As a student at Mercy she excelled in the area of Child Development … Jacqui is very warm and loving toward children and helps them develop a positive self concept.
~  Theresa, Birmingham MI

I remember I wanted to make a [personalized] watermelon pillow and you cut out all the little seeds for my name.  You helped me understand about sewing to keep my stitches tight so the fluff wouldn’t fall out.  Thanks a bunch!
~  Emma

I remember when you would make up games for me to play like the one where I had to answer the question by standing on the correct paper.
~  Sophia

I remember playing baseball and we each had our own team.  We made score sheets and how our players were paid by the hits they made.
~  Jon

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